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Double Rewards in May
We want to offer a BIG thank you during the whole month of May!

In-Store Shoppers:
Any reward cards that are filled up during the month of May will earn twice the rewards as normal. You can shop as often as you like to fill up as many cards as possible throughout the month. Just remember, you can only fill one box per day. It doesn't matter when you filled your first four boxes, as long as your last box was earned in the month of May, EcoBuns will DOUBLE your reward as our way of saying THANK YOU for your continued support!

Online Shoppers:
During the Month of May all purchases made will earn double the points! You can check your reward points by logging in to your account and clicking MyRewards on your account page. EcoBuns wants to also say THANK YOU for the continued support of our online shoppers!

Please e-mail any rewards program questions to vicki@ecobuns.com with the subject of REWARDS